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Feed Feature: Men's Retreat

“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

A recent survey asked men who their best friend was/is. Over 75% mentioned a guy from high school or an old teammate. The survey also asked when was the last time they had contact with their “best friend” and most of the men replied that it had been several years. Let that statistic sink in, most guys do not have someone to call/text during the joys and the struggles of life. They do not have other guys who will celebrate the birth of their child, to encourage them when they lose their job, to provide counsel when their teenager rebels or grieve with them at the loss of their parents or spouse.

One of our goals as a Men’s Ministry is to connect men with one another to encourage, challenge and walk through life with as they lead their family and in their community. Over the next month, there are a couple of easy ways for men to connect to the Men’s Ministry.

One of the best ways to make new connections or reconnect with guys is by attending the Men’s Retreat. Guys, please pray about if God would want you to attend this weekend. It is a combination of great teaching, excellent worship, plenty of competition, and enjoying time with friends while making new ones.

As you read this, maybe you have excuses going through your head of why you think you cannot attend. Guys, it is extremely hard to lead your family during these confusing times in our culture. It is crucial that men do not navigate through these times on our own, but with other like-minded men. Make the sacrifice of leaving the office on time or missing a college basketball game (Texas is frustrating to watch this year) or whatever excuses you might be thinking of. Your family, our society and your spiritual walk will all benefit from this weekend.

Wives, please encourage your husband to come on the retreat and enjoy this time with the guys. Men need other men to help them lead their marriages and families well.

For more information about our speaker, activities, a packing list and more, CLICK HERE. To skip all the info and sign-up, CLICK HERE.

Cost varies depending on your lodging choice (partial scholarships are available).