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Week 6

Leviticus 16-18 | Atonement - God's continuing forgiveness


What God is saying in this passage:

On the Day of Atonement, after making the initial atonement sacrifices for himself and the people, Aaron would lay his hands on the "scapegoat", confess the sins of Israel "and put them on the goat's head" (Leviticus 16:20-22). He would then have the goat released in the wilderness. One goat was sacrificed and one goat was the scapegoat. Not only did God provide forgiveness for the sins of Israel (sacrifice paid penalty), He removed their guilt by transferring their blame and shame to the scapegoat.

How I plan to prayerfully obey what God says:

Lord, I thank you that You were willing to be both the sacrificial lamb who paid the penalty for my sin, but also the scapegoat that removed my blame and shame from the presence of God. How great are the depths of the work of Christ on the Cross for me!