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Leadership University - Summer 2017

a series of 6 classes offered over 2 years for Members Serving in Ministry


Course Overview

Bible Study Methods (How to study the Bible) Fall
OT Overview (The background of the Bible) Spring
NT Overview (The background of the Bible) Summer
Bible Doctrine (What we believe about the Bible) Fall
Life of Christ (The hero of the Bible) Spring
Spiritual Life (How to live according to the Bible) Summer


Summer 2017 Course: 
New Testament Overview 
Begins July 30, 2017 - 11am, Room 206
Taught by Nick Light and Josh Howlett 

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Sharpen Your Understanding of the NT!

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July 30 -            Introduction, Overview, Background To The New Covenant
August 6 -            The Intertestamental Period: The New Covenant Anticipated 
August 13 -         The Gospels: The New Covenant Instituted  
August 20 -       The Acts: The New Covenant Proclaimed  
August 27 -        Paul's Epistles (Part I): The New Covenant Explained 
September 3 -        Paul’s Epistles (Part II): The New Covenant Explained 
September 10 -    General Epistles: The New Covenant Realized 
September 17 -  The Revelation: The New Covenant Fulfilled 

Leadership University:

Equipping leaders to bring the Bible to life.