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GO Port Arthur Prayer Requests

Pray for GO Port Arthur (July 8-13, 2018)


  • Team Unity
  • Travel 
  • Health & Safety
  • Physical endurance for work projects gutting homes
  • Courage to engage with homeowners in conversation
  • Strong relational connections

Help! I'm Hurting Inc MINISTRIES IN Port Arthur, TEXAS

This organization is exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, scientific, crisis management, and long term recovery purposes. HIH is focused on the provision of professional preventative and rehabilitative services for at-risk population groups of  Jefferson County, Texas communities. The organization seeks to work with homeless, drug/alcohol addicted, gangs, and displaced families, adolescent males and females, disaster assistance for affected families in need of care. They provide re-education, religious instruction, self-esteem building, and working related training and employment as alternatives to criminal and other destructive behaviors.

Part of this ministry involves restoring homes and specifically, recovery relief efforts since the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Our team will be helping with the manual labor projects of cleaning, gutting, and restoring homes. In helping support and provide for the physical needs of the people living in Port Arthur, we hope to also have conversations about their spiritual needs. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and to share the love of Jesus for the sake of expanding God's kingdom.

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