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GO Haiti Prayer Requests

Pray for GO Haiti (July 14-21, 2018)


  • Conversions
  • Team Unity
  • Flight / Travel 
  • Health & Safety
  • Strong relational connections with Haitians

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

For every 100 children in Haiti, 40 will never go to school. Of the 60 children who do, 42 will complete primary school, 20 will attend secondary school programs, and only 5 students will go on to graduate from high school. The School of Hope has approximately 6,000 students enrolled per school year in Kindergarten through High School. Mission of Hope has emerged in the top 5% of schools in the country.

Despite the amazing advancements that MOH has made for education, VBS during the summer time provides even more opportunities for children to learn basics of hygiene, nutrition and Jesus. We spend every morning with the hundreds of children at VBS. Pray that we can show them the love of Jesus and for the children to grasp His loving kindness.


Using basic hygiene training as an entry point to visit with different houses in the villages, teams gather important data about the physical and spiritual needs of the people. The data collected will allow us to measure our effectiveness in saturating the villages with the gospel and leverage the information for meeting the needs of the people to bring life transformation. Teams go from house to house training each one in basic hygiene, engaging the residents in normal conversation, assessing the living conditions, collecting important demographic information, sharing the gospel, and obtaining GPS coordinates of the home. SVT allows us to build & maintain meaningful relationships with the Haitian people and equip the local church to meet the needs of their village.


CA Projects are specific projects that contribute to the physical needs of the village. These projects represent the highest priorities for meeting the physical needs of the village. Furthermore, they are a part of a continuum of transformation plan that has been developed with the local church pastors and Village Champions. Our team will be providing fruit bearing trees and pairs of goats to families in need.

Pray that our time with these families through SVT and CA Projects lead to spiritual conversations and conversions or encouragement in spiritual growth.