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Danny Update

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Find updates on the health status of Danny Box here. We will do our best to maintain up-to-date information and prayer requests. Please contact Rachel for any questions/communication.


Wednesday, 10/10/2018
Danny was discharged from the hospital! He is at home recuperating. Praise God! (If you have interest in providing meals for them, please email Rachel.)

Monday, 10/9/2018

Dear Family,

It was this time last week, I was trying to come out of anesthesia after 8 hours of surgery. I was living inside the pages of a comic book as The Green Hulk. When I opened my eyes I would begin coming off the page and in to reality, but when I closed my eyes I would retreat back as the Green Hulk! Why couldn’t it have been Superman?

After a week I’m happy to report I’ve made it back into reality and my internal systems are up and running minus one abdominal tumor and my spleen. Pathology has confirmed a successful surgery and my Oncologist has laid out a plan of chemotherapy and radiation extending over a period of six months. It is a good plan with which Kathy and I are at peace. It will begin 2-3 weeks after my release (probably tomorrow). My Oncologist believes my cancer is curable—not just treatable. 

Though I don’t live life in a comic book (to the disappointment of my grandson, Deacon), I do live life in a story. And so do you. Our lives are part of God’s story of His glory. My life is bigger than my cancer. Our life stories are not primarily defined by our trials, trauma, or transgressions. It’s a story of how a Good God endured suffering to redeem our lives as trophies of His grace. 

The story of Jesus is the only superhero story I want to live in. 

“But I trust in you, O Lord;

I say You are my God. 

My times are in your hand.”

- Danny


Friday, 10/4/2018
After spending two nights in the ICU Danny was moved to intermediate care last night. He was able to walk some, too! 

Thursday, 10/4/2018
Danny continues to do well! With assistance, he has been able to go from the bed to a chair a couple times. Pray for patience as he is anxious to get up and walking. Also, pray that no infections develop. He should be transferred to a regular room today.

Tuesday, 10/2/2018
Thank you all for your constant prayers! Danny was in surgery for 7 hours today. They were able to remove the tumor and his spleen. This required removing a section of stomach muscle and about 6 inches of his small intestine. He will be in ICU for a day or two for close observation as he begins healing. The pathology report should come on Friday which will determine what further treatment is needed. Danny will stay at the hospital for 7-10 days as he is recovering. 
For the time being, the family is requesting no visitors at the hospital. I know we are anxious to see him, so I will let you know when it is a good time to visit. Keep up the prayers for a good report and for his quick healing! He loves his church family so much!
- Rachel Parkhurst

  • "Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits - who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion." ~ Psalms 103:2-4


Wednesday, 9/19/2018
From Danny:
My surgeon tells me I have two phenomena going on in my body.  I have a tumor that is imbedded into one of my stomach muscles and is also attached to my lower intestine.  Both my muscle and my intestine will need to be cut and rejoined as the tumor is removed.  The second phenomenon is a potentially cancerous issue with my spleen requiring its removal.  In prep for the spleen removal, I had to get 5 immunization shots Tuesday (Ouch!).  I asked my Doctor if these two phenomena made me phenomenal.  He didn’t answer.

The need to do the immunizations delayed my surgery by two weeks.  The new surgery date is Tuesday, October 2 at St. David’s Hospital on Hwy 620. 

When crisis comes, it is always good to ask, 1) “God, what are you up to?” and 2) “What does faith look like here?”  I do not know what God is up to yet.  It is early.  I may not know until heaven.  But because God is good, we know He is always up to our ultimate good and to His glory.  Test results or surgery results never change that fact.

What faith looks like, I believe, is waiting on the Lord and trusting in Him.  A few passages in my reading of the Psalms:

Psalm 27:13-14

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

Wait for the Lord. 

     be strong and let your heart take courage;

     wait for the Lord!

Psalm 31:14-15

But I trust in you, O Lord;

     I say, “You are my God.”

My times are in your hand…

Kathy and I don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds our future.  And so do you.  This is great comfort to us and to all of us who are facing uncertainty.  God is good and God is great.

Thank you for your continual prayer and support during this latest adventure of faith. 

Your “Phenomenal” Pastor!


Tuesday, 9/18/2018
After meeting with the oncologist and surgeon, Danny learned that he has an issue with his spleen in addition to the mass in his abdominal area. He received some immunizations today in preparation of his spleen being removed. Surgery will now most likely be next week but is not yet scheduled.

Wednesday, 9/12/2018
Danny received word that the PET scan was clear (besides the one mass)! He has an appointment Monday 9/17 to schedule surgery which will probably be on Thursday 9/20.

Monday, 9/10/2018
Danny's doctors have found a new tumor in his abdomen. Surgery to remove it will most likely happen next week. This week he is awaiting results of the PET scan. 

----All updates below are from Summer 2017----

Tuesday, 7/11/17
Danny is happy to report that his hemoglobin level is back to normal and he will not require any chemotherapy. He is back in the office about three-quarters time now as he continues his recovery for two more weeks. He deeply appreciates everyone’s care, prayer and support.

Tuesday, 6/27/17
Danny received results from his PET scan test they did after the surgery and everything is clear. Praise God for this great report! It'll be another few weeks before the genetic test results are in which will determine the need for further treatment.

Wednesday, 6/21/17

Monday, 6/19/17
Danny was discharged from the hospital yesterday, Father's Day! What a gift! He is at home continuing the recoving process. They are still waiting to find out if a further treatment plan is necessary. Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, 6/15/17
Great news: They didn't find cancer anywhere else other than tumor. 14 lymph nodes were completely clean so that is huge news!! We praise God for this good news!!!!

Wednesday, 6/14/17
Praise: Danny was able to stand up a couple times today and sit in a chair! Healing will take some time but this is great progress the day after surgery!

Tuesday, 6/13/17
Praise: Danny is out of surgery and all went well. They removed a 2 foot section of his colon and removed a pretty hefty tumor but feel they were able to remove all the cancer with clear margins. 

Pray: Please pray for no blood loss and no infection.

Danny will remain in the hospital for 5-7 days. More information about his treatment plan should available on Friday. For the time being only family will be allowed to visit. 

Monday, 6/12/17
Danny's surgery to remove the tumor will be at 8:30am tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/13). It will last about three hours and he will stay in the hospital for 5-7 days. Please pray for successful surgery and a clear treatment plan. Continue seeking God to find how He is using this to bring Himself glory!

Saturday, 6/10/17
Danny reports that God is moving in response to the prayers of His people. His hemoglobin level has bounced back to a healthy level of 10 for his surgery. Second, God has now clearly revealed that the tumor is cancerous and has finalized the next step of treatment. Danny will be admitted to the hospital on Monday (June 12) and surgery will be Tuesday (time yet to be determined). Danny & Kathy remain optimistic in the Lord with a very positive prognosis. His ears and eyes are open to how God might use this for His glory. He wishes to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, support and prayer. 

Tuesday, 6/6/17
He's free from the hospital for the time being! Still waiting on the pathology report. Surgery is expected to be later into next week. 

Monday, 6/5/17
No pathology report yet, but doctors want to move forward with surgery to remove the tumor from his colon after his hemoglobin reaches at least 10 (normal is 15, his is at 7). Surgery is planned for next week. In the meantime, he is being discharged from the hospital today.

Monday, 6/5/17
Danny has not yet received the pathology results but hopes to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Surgery will be in the next 1-2 weeks depending on his blood count. Pray that the blood count continues to go up and stays at a healthy level so they can do the surgery. 

Saturday, 6/3/17
Our lead pastor, Danny Box was admitted to the hospital on Thursday June 1 with symptoms of anemia. Testing revealed a tumor in his colon. He is waiting for results of the pathology report which may be available as early as Monday. Please join us in praying that the tumor is benign. Danny asks that you join him in seeking God with the question, "What are you up to here?"

For the time being Danny prefers visits only from family members. For further communication please contact Rachel Parkhurst.